From Processed Foods to Whole Foods

Give the food in your kitchen a makeover and learn how to remove chemicals from your diet, so you can live a healthy lifestyle and finally FEEL GOOD!


You're Confused Because Of All The Marketing Gimmicks and Fad Diets!

To start feeling better, you must improve your gut health! First step to improving your gut health and feeling better, is removing processed foods from your diet.



In Module 1, you'll be introduced into the preservative and food additive world. We will discuss where also you will find these food "products". 

Educating yourself is the first step into a healthy lifestyle because right now you're STRESSED over what you can or can not eat. 

By the end of these 2 weeks, that stress will go away! 


In Module 2, we dive into what happens INSIDE our body when we eat food that is laced with chemicals and lacking nutrition. 

This is SCARY SH*T y'all!


In Module 3, we start removing the chemicals from your kitchen.

Here you'll receive Guides with foods that you DO want to have in your kitchen. These templates are a great starting off point and are a great guide when you're making your grocery lists too!

  • Pantry Check List
  • Refrigerator Check List
  • Freezer Check List
  • Foods Label Reading Guide


KITCHEN TABLE TALKS : Here we sit down (virtually) together and go through our pantry items. We will go over what you are looking for in a food label and learn what food items you should have in it's place. 

It's not about removing everything you like, it's about REPLACING these items with a better alternative. 



In Module 4, We start TAKING THE STEPS necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Here we discuss how CONFUSING everyone else makes it seem... 

Here you start learning the SIMPLE STEPS you need to start taking to lead a healthy life and to feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Start of Week 2

By the end of this Module 5, you'll understand how EASY eating healthy can be. 

So many people make nutrition difficult, but healthy eating IS easy! 

You'll understand what SHOULD be included in a meal, a snack, and the WHY behind it!

Don't you feel so much better when you UNDERSTAND something vs just guessing it's right because a manufacturer says so! 

HERE YOU START TO GAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE, as we have another Kitchen Table Talk! 30 minute session to make sure you are understanding everything so you can lead a healthy life!


In Module 6, you learn different cooking skills to make healthy meals FAST! 

I'll help you understand things like:

 "Why you need to use Avocado Oil in an oven meal of 425*F versus Olive Oil, if you don't want cancer causing properties in your body!". 

What makes a healthy meal?

How to change a recipe into a healthier version.

Knife skills.


In Module 7, You'll learn how to make ONE MEAL for your entire family AND meet their wants & needs

You'll also learn how to use body as a measuring cup!

Nutrition's My Life's COOKBOOK

Week 2 you'll receive my cookbook. 

In this cookbook, you'll get 1 week of Healthy Meal Planning


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinners
  • Snacks
  • Recipes
  • Grocery List



Nicole Understands What You Are Going Through

Nicole has suffered from a Thyroid Disorder for 12 years. She understands what it takes to come out the other side feeling BETTER! As a Registered Dietitian, she has the skills and knowledge to get you on the right path for your health goals!

You can TRUST that she will be there to support you through these two weeks and give you the tools to start a healthy life! 

What Nicole's Clients have to say about working with her!

Deidre Cicero

(Nicole and her meal plans) Took the stress out of cooking and grocery shopping. Lost three pounds (the first week) and learned healthy food can be delicious!

Jess Smolinski

Nicole is great! She meets you where you're at! If you're advanced and already know a lot about nutrition she encourages and stretches you to step further. If you're starting with basics she teaches you how to build from there. She gives you lots of resources and real life experiences and how to cope with these so that you can remain focused and still feed yourself and your family healthfully. She is super quick to respond and she opens herself up so that she is accessible. I love the sincerity and familiarity of her

Caryn Vezina

Nicole gives you the tools you need to be successful, like recipes, and even a shopping list!


Would you ever work with Nicole again? 100% yes!

Start From Processed Foods to Whole Foods Today

...Because you are tired of being tired! ...Because you want to Feel Good Again! ....Because you want that stubborn weight to go away! ....Because you want the best for your family!

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How to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holiday's!

So many women ask me this time of year "How can I eat everything during the holiday's and not have to have my new years resolution to be weight loss!?" 

Great question right?! 

It IS possible to enjoy your family gatherings without the extra added weight!


The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide

At the end of these two weeks you'll be FIRED UP to start cooking healthy meals! But where to start?

Meal Planning saves the day with busy families! Follow this guide to make cooking and life so much easier for you!


Bonus Recipes to Make Life Easier For You!

From TASTY veggie muffins to easy sheet pan meals, here you'll be able to grab bonus recipes that help keep you on track!

Start From Processed Foods to Whole Foods Today

If you don't want to spend all your free time cooking, you need to learn my QUICK cooking tips.


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